Some Thoughts on Teaching.

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Making a website teenager-friendly means:

Keeping the UI clean (a factor common to all ages)

Favoring graphical content to textual content (teens tend to read less online)

Using animation and sound (moderately, though — not as much as for young children)

Ensuring that the content isn’t so simplistic that it appears childish

via Designing for Different Age Groups.

Here is a good article on user interface important issues when designing for teenagers. 

And here is an outline of the article they refer to in the article

click here for article

Good statistics, not very inspiring though

On this page, there is a truly wonderful talk under the heading “The Future of Training”. Unmissable.

This is such a well edited film, amazing how it keeps your full attention for nearly two hours on a set of impeccably edited interviews. Makes an otherwise rather mundane story a powerful one, a good example of the importance of good storytelling